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A festive rave-up, a tiny stuntman, and a story about poo! It's my newsletter of things I've made and
December 21 · Issue #9 · View online
Simon Panrucker
A festive rave-up, a tiny stuntman, and a story about poo!
It’s my newsletter of things I’ve made and things I like!

AIRHORNS! I made this version of Little Drummer Boy in my studio. It’s a live looping performance with a junglist bent! Hope you enjoy it!
A ghost of Christmas past...
Happy Christmas, You Guys!
I’ve made a bunch of other festive fun things. You can find them all on my Page O’ Christmas!
BINKBEATS - Little Nerves feat. Niels Broos
Line Rider - Mountain King
Alike - Daniel Martínez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez
That's it for now...
Thanks for reading, hope you have a lovely Christmas or other Winter Festivity. If you enjoyed this newsletter why not share it with someone else you think might enjoy it?
Lots of Love,
Simon x
Q: How many Swedes does it take to change a lightbulb? A: Many Hans make light work!
P.S. In the last newsletter I asked for your thoughts about leaving social media. I heard back from a few of you, mostly with the sentiment “FOLLOW YOUR HEART!” I’m still mulling it over but definitely heading in that direction. Thank you for your responses!
I’ve also been craving a break from having a smartphone. To my amusement, the other evening fate took matters out of my hands! I was about to perform at a gig and went for the obligatory pre-show poo. As I sat on the toilet all was well, just having a nice time getting on with business. When I was satisfied I stood up to flush my faecal friend, but just as I raised my hand to wave goodbye I noticed something unusual underneath the poo. I looked closer and realised with horror that it was my iPhone! Somehow I hadn’t noticed it slipping in the toilet when I sat down. Blissfully unaware, I actually did a big poo on my own iPhone. I mean, that’s a pretty strong symbolic message, isn’t it?
I grabbed it out of the toilet (the iPhone, not the poo) and wrapped it in bog roll, put it in rice for a few days, but it won’t turn on. I bought a Nokia 3310 on Monday and I’m going to see what it’s like for a while. It only does calls and texts. It’s interesting noticing all the times I habitually reach for my smartphone, without need. I’m also noticing the things it was incredibly useful for. I’ll probably go crazy or get lost in the supermarket.
Anyway, my Christmas message is this: if you fancy taking a break from your smartphone over the holidays I wholeheartedly recommend taking a huge dump on it.
P.P.S. To bookend the email with another rave-based entertainment, and in preparation for your New Year’s Eve partying here’s a disturbing yet strangely captivating video of an actual techno head. N.B. might upset children.
Have a lovely time! See you in the New Year! xxx
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