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A song about a panoramic view, behind the scenes videos, a beret good T-shirt! It's a newsletter of t
December 15 · Issue #8 · View online
Simon Panrucker
A song about a panoramic view, behind the scenes videos, a beret good T-shirt! It’s a newsletter of things I made and things I like!

Things I Made...
I had this song in my head for a while and tried to record it a couple of times. The first time was up on The Mound in St Werburghs, Bristol. There were a couple of lads drinking cider on the bench watching me the whole time and I felt so self conscious I couldn’t do the song properly! The light faded before I got a good take so I gave up. But it worked out for the best because the second time I went up to Clifton Suspension Bridge and got a much better panoramic view! There were still people walking past but I managed to power through the self-consciousness, propelled by a pure love of panoramic views.
Man From France: Behind the Scenes #1
In October I released this music video for a song of mine called Man From France. There was a bunch of behind the scenes footage so I asked my buddy Carl Peck to edit a couple of mini documentaries for me. I think they turned out great! They give a little insight into all the effort and energy everyone put in to making the video, for which I am extremely grateful!
Man From France: Behind the Scenes #2 - The Dancers
I had this sweet SALUT T-shirt made to celebrate the release of the video, illustrated by my talented friend Estelle Morris. There are a few left and if you live in the UK there’s still time to order one to arrive before Christmas! They’re all organic and sustainably produced, so you can feel good about the environmental and social impact! Click through to find out more.
SPECIAL GIFT OFFER!!! Any orders placed before Christmas will be sent with a free CD of my album Hello My Name Is Simon Panrucker! Because I love you and I want you to have it!
Well I reckon that’ll do for this email. I’ve made a fun little live looping version of Little Drummer Boy I’ll share with you next week. I hope you’re staying warm but not too warm.
p.s. I’ve been redesigning my website to act as a playground for posting whatever I feel like making. I hope to have it ready in the new year. Recently I’ve been having serious thoughts about leaving social media (particularly Facebook) so I can focus more on making things. I’ve found I am truly addicted to it and I don’t think it benefits me as much as it contributes to my distraction, information overload and anxiety. I had a lovely break where I stayed signed out of everything for a couple of weeks and I felt much calmer and more inspired! I’d be curious to read your current thoughts and feelings about social media, feel free to email me back if you’re compelled to!
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