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Panrucker's GOOD STUFF #3

Hi! This is a regular newsletter of things I've made and other cool stuff I think you might like. I h
March 22 · Issue #3 · View online
Simon Panrucker
Hi! This is a regular newsletter of things I’ve made and other cool stuff I think you might like. I hope you enjoy it!

Every morning this week I’m uploading a new video of an improvised loop jam, using an OP-1 to sample the radio live! Here’s Monday’s, Tuesdays, and today’s.
I tune in to a radio station, press a button on the keyboard and it samples the radio and splits the sound over all the keys. Then I can play and tweak the snippets to build up a song. It’s a lot of fun! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see the next two.
Knobs - YouTube
The Awl - How to be brave
Nadia Rose - Skwod
I’m keeping up the weekly YouTube live streams and having a lot of fun! Here are the last two: un, deux. Tune in at 7.30pm GMT and I’ll improvise songs based on your suggestions. If you’ve enjoyed the streams so far please bring your friends along to the next one, let’s get a party going!
That's it for now
I hope you enjoyed the stuff. If you did, why not share this newsletter with someone you think might like it?
Simon x
P.S. If you like Seal but wish he was an actual seal this is for you.
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