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Panrucker's GOOD STUFF #2

Hi! This is a regular newsletter of things I've made and things I like. I thought you might enjoy it,
March 8 · Issue #2 · View online
Simon Panrucker
Hi! This is a regular newsletter of things I’ve made and things I like. I thought you might enjoy it, but if it doesn’t float your boat please feel free to unsubscribe. I will be happy you’re taking care of yourself.

How to make a Nacho Party Hat!
Also, the first two live streams were a lot of fun! Number one had songs about Flying Horses and Gazpacho Soup; the second had Edamame Beans and Cat Sanctuaries. Tune in Wednesdays at 7.30pm GMT and request a song, I’ll probably make it for you!
Here are some treats for you that other people have made. It is International Women’s Day! Hooray for women!
Yama Warashi - Moon Egg
Missy Elliott - I'm Better ft. Lamb
4 Female Animators on Diversity
Lorena Alvarez - Nightlights
FOXTROTT - Shaky Hands
I’ve been making a video series called Computer Plays With… where musicians enter the brain of a computer and play a song. The computer remixes their song on the fly and messes with the image behind them! It’s hard to explain but it’s weird and fun. I’m not sure when the vids will be released but I’m excited because I got to work with some of my favourite musicians like Rozi Plain and This Is The Kit!
Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see em first!
Bye bye now
Ok, that’s it for this time. I hope you enjoyed the stuff. If you did, why not share this newsletter with someone you think might like it?
Take care now, buhbye!
I made this with stickers on my phone to express my love for women worldwide.
P.S. This song by Lorde is really doing it for me at the moment. When the piano comes in I’m like “I AM THE BEST AT JUMPING AROUND AT MY SCHOOL DISCO.”
k bye x
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